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New York Real Estate: Commercial office space is our specialty.

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While their free-spirited sense of humor and unique husband and wife team work often draws comparisons to the more famous television duo, if you're looking for New York Real Estate, there is only one "Hart to Hart" team.

Hart of New York Real Estate Company and Hart Management Associates are run by the husband and wife team of Peter and Angela Hart, and with the same flair of Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers, they offer a no nonsense approach to uncovering the best New York Real Estate office space for their customers.

Instead of the usual drudgery, commercial real estate  clients find themselves in an uncomplicated business environment of simplicity and fun. As Mrs. Hart says, "So much time is spent looking at office space together, the customer might as well enjoy it. With Peter's personality, there is always an element of spontaneity."

Underneath is a genuine concern for the needs of the New York Real Estate customer, versus what can sometimes be an impersonal approach with some larger organizations. This was evident recently when Hart of New York closed nine office space deals at Rockefeller Center. Among those Real Estate tenants were a group of dentists - some more seasoned and ready to retire - and others younger, "eager to expand" professionals who wanted the deal to close as soon as possible.

"It was like pulling teeth," Peter jokes. But in the end, all the office space tenants were satisfied and the renewal lease negotiations were brought to a successful close with the commercial real estate  landlord.

In addition to representing renewal tenants in Rockefeller Center, Hart of New York Real Estate has been very active negotiating office space leases for numerous tenants in other areas of town.

"What makes this business so interesting is the opportunity we are given to work with such a diverse clientele," Peter says, adding, "Some of the Real Estate  deals we have brokered were for computer-related companies, non-profits, law firms, diamond traders and financial investment groups, among many other office space transactions."

"We won't spread ourselves too thin because we pay attention to the details of each tenant's unique requirements."

Just as Hart and Hart share an exclusive relationship, their relationship with their office space real estate clients is always on an exclusive basis. "Since we focus on a few commercial Real Estate tenants at a time, we are devoted to their needs and will not walk away until we have satisfied them," Peter says. "A lot of commercial real estate brokers work on what we call a 'lottery system' - showing office space to many tenants at a time, hoping one will hit. We don't agree with that philosophy. We won't spread ourselves too thin because we pay attention to the details of each tenant's unique office space requirements."

By bringing to the table 13 years of office space leasing experience with Rockefeller Center Management Corporation, Williams Real Estate Company, and Helmsley-Spear RealEstate  Inc., (as well as two years in residential sales) Angela Hart possesses unique expertise in various nuances of negotiating tactics. Some of the office space transactions she ahs negotiated on behalf of landlords of  commercial real estate buildings were leases with Multimedia Entertainment Corporation, DG Bank and Fonawin Corporation.

Peter Hart complements the team with his own 15 years' experience as a former senior vice president with several major Wall Street investment firms. In addition to financial consulting to international corporations and individual investors, Peter was responsible for raising funds for venture capital firms, and Real Estate Companies.

He says he raised the limits even higher and became "upwardly mobile" as a licensed commercial pilot and aviation enthusiast!

In conjunction with Hart of New York Real Estate, Peter also heads Hart Management Associates, an Insurance Brokerage Company. Since the brokerage company specializes in corporate health care plans, there is a synergy of service to the customer.

As Dr. Spalten (one of the dentists represented in the dentist's realestate  office space renewal deal) says "The Harts offer one-stop shopping. We not only had our commercial real estate  requirements met, but can also receive excellent advice and service for our health insurance plan from people we have come to know and trust."

After working on the office space commercial real estate office space transaction, the tenant had a good sense of the Harts work style and focused attention to detail that saved them money and time. The Real Estate office space customer knew that the servicing of their health plan would be just as thorough - and at no cost to them.

"We hired a great team," Dr. Spalten says, "with Angela knowing what to get and Peter knowing how to get it."

Hart of New York is also very involved in the commercial real estate community. They work a lot with brokers on a referral basis and give the referring broker 50 percent of the commission. "This is a little unusual in this business," Angela says. "However, we have a lot of friends and contacts who appreciate the unique service we offer. Although we do all the work, we believe in splitting the deal in half. These brokers are people with whom we have long-standing relationships."

The Harts also serve on the Real Estate Rental Conditions Committee of the Real Estate Board of New York for the Grand Central Office Building District.

With respect to ethics and integrity, another very important aspect of the Real Estate business, the Harts believe very strongly in being completely up-front and communicative with tenants throughout the relocation process.

"We never want any surprises appearing in an office space deal that the tenant hadn't expected before hand," Angela says. "We want our newyorkcommercialrealestate Office Space clients  to know what to expect from the very beginning. This is especially important for start-up companies, since these companies often require adherence to strict office space   budgets in order to survive the first few years in business."

However there is one type of surprise that the Real Estate office space clients of the Harts should get ready for. It is not unusual for a complimentary breakfast to arrive for their entire staff with a note that says, "Sit back and enjoy your breakfast, we are taking good care of your lease renewal." The Harts love having breakfasts sent on a Monday morning, because they know it helps start the week off on a pleasant note for their customers and their employees. It is one of the ways the Harts show appreciation to their customers for their business.

One Real Estate tenant recently commented, "The Harts' spontaneous, high-spirited personalities can be contagious. We really enjoyed working with them." The tenant was happy to learn Hart of New York continues this relationship after the closing. In fact, the Harts prefer that the office space tenant consider Hart of New York its "in-house Real Estate department." When issues come up that require time consuming letter writing, or follow-up with the landlord, the Harts do it for the office space clients. This is an area of service that the Harts feel the typical larger company won't offer to an average sized tenant.

While so much has been written lately about the merging of large commercial office space brokerage firms, Angela says, "I can guarantee you that the typical broker of a large firm will not spend time servicing a 7,000 square-foot tenant after the leases are signed!"

"We are in two service businesses in which the customer doesn't pay directly," Peter adds, "We are paid by landlords of New York Real Estate buildings and health insurance companies. However, the incentive is that the synergy of our two companies is very profitable."

The Harts believe that the trend of merging New York Real Estate  firms misses what the merger of Hart and Hart has to offer. "Sure, we have the same sophisticated market data and computerized services that the merged New York Real Estate larger firms use, but we pride ourselves in helping to keep the office space tenant out of the New York Real Estate business, so that they can continue to manage their own," Angela says. "Our typical office space customer is an entrepreneur who doesn't have to produce paper to show he or she did the right job in choosing New York Real Estate office space - they know it in their Hart."


         "For New York Real Estate, Ya Gotta Have Hart"