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New York Real Estate Brokers, Serving New York

How Brokers in New York Serve Real Estate in NY

New York Real Estate brokers are represented before city, state and federal governments, and in the arena of public opinion.  Information is circulated about regulatory actions, market data, management techniques and other matters that affect CommercialRealEstateNewYork Brokers businesses. Newsletters and bulletins advise of government actions, market trends and other industry-related news. Real Estate Brokers support industry-wide efforts to promote a stronger economy through computerized profiles of every Manhattan parcel, New York compliance data and customized reports on groups of properties. Large Real Estate trade shows have a reference library on real estate materials in New York. Brokers take Real Estate courses that satisfy licensing requirements for brokers and salespersons.

New York Real Estate Industry

Our industry consists of major office and residential property owners, Brokers, builders, managers,  financial service companies,  banks and other individuals and institutions that have an interest in Manhattan real estate. Those who have an interest or specialty lead committees and deal with City Planning, tax issues, and zoning matters. The  Rental Conditions committees help develop concepts for Land Use, legislation and codes. These industry leaders opinions and input help the Real Estate committees decide on  policy issues that affect real estate Brokers and businesses in the New York area. realestate Boards of Directors, Landlords and committees are widely respected authorities in such fields as city planning and zoning, housing, building management, commercial district rental conditions, residential rentals and sales, and insurance. If governors endorse recommendations from these panels, they present positions to public officials. All bills of interest to the industry before the municipal or state legislature are reviewed by an appropriate committee of  experts. These specialists analyze a measure and present their views in the form of a legal memorandum. The committees' work has both prevented the passage of countless potentially damaging bills and convinced the city's and state's lawmakers to enact measures that have greatly benefited New York's economy and housing stock. From time to time, task forces are appointed to study issues of immediate importance. Laws and regulations governing major building code changes, federal tax policy, residential conversions, zoning incentives and tax collection dates are among the public policies which have been strongly influenced.

New York Real Estate Brokers Civic Activities
Social and professional activities such as golf and tennis outings, membership lunches and dinners, and other such occasions afford Real Estate New York Brokers the chance for enjoyment and obtain information. Ultimately, the product our industry sells is New York City; any contributions real estate brokers make toward improving New York also enhance the well-being of our industry. Some Brokers have supported public education campaigns for high rise office space buildings, sat on community boards, and helped  to elevate New York's reputation. Through their public work, dedicated New York Real Estate Brokers have been responsible for attracting investment to New York. Through its committees and social functions, New York Real Estate offers its real estate brokers many opportunities to serve New York and their industry through civic endeavors.

Insurance for Real Estate Brokers
Insurance such as Group Health Insurance, Long-Term Disability, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Vision and Dental insurance is available through Hart Management Associates, Inc. We represent all of the major carriers such as United Healthcare, Oxford, US Life, Aetna, Aflac and Empire Blue Cross, to name a few. We are proud to offer New York Real Estate Brokers excellent insurance products.

New York Real Estate Landlords                                                    

New York Real Estate Landlords & Builder groups analyze Building Codes and Regulations and New York Planning ideas. NYReal Estate Brokers are deeply involved in every area of public policy and receive frequent advisories on pertinent regulations and lobbying activities. Some commercial Brokers in our industry study and exchange information on demands for real estate space, prevailing market rates and neighborhood trends throughout Manhattan. Other New York Real Estate Brokers deal with issues regarding the sale or lease of residential property and office space rentals. Management groups consist of leading New York Real Estate Landlords of commercial and residential property, and advise on such matters as building code and regulatory issues, fire and life safety requirements, environmental protection, and efficient building operations. Many companies and individuals perform services and provide products for the real estate industry and the New York business community who occupy office space in New York property. In addition, Real Estate New York  institutional Real Estate Landlords and Investors give banks, insurance companies, investment houses and pension funds that own or lend on Manhattan property, an opportunity to shape public policies that can strengthen the city's real property market.

New York City trade associations have extensive real estate reference resources. Some libraries contain computerized ownership and mortgage information files on all Manhattan properties, and listings and current property maps for every parcel in New York City. This is  invaluable information  Real Estate Research Groups investigate issues of concern to the industry. Office Space and Commercial New York Real Estate  trends in office buildings are among the subjects on which Research Groups have done studies. New York Real Estate Landlords receive periodicals available of annual surveys devoted exclusively to residential cooperative transactions; and Manhattan Market information of our industry's market conditions by property sector. Real Estate Brokers distribute information about our industry achievements, as well as the condition of New York's economy and property market. Real Estate stores sell commercial and residential lease forms, which are used throughout New York. The Real Estate Brokers advise on such problems as obtaining and retaining broker and salesperson licenses, and analyzing government programs of special interest to the real estate profession. Real Estate New York Programs afford opportunity to strengthen professional skills in such specialties as building management, office space leasing,  and mortgage financing. Brokers and salesperson licenses and continuing education are available. Real Estate  Awards are highly respected insignias of professional achievement, and prizes given to the brokers who negotiated commercial real estate complicated agreements with noteworthy inventiveness.

Landlords in Commercial Real Estate
Some of the well known landlords in New York include Rockefeller, Rudin, and Trump. There are many other owners who have suitable property for smaller tenants. Through our New York Real Estate industry, Manhattan has the most talented, energetic and influential real estate Brokers and Landlords to work with the city's political establishment to promote public policies that: Expand New York economy, encourage the development and renovation of commercial and residential real property, enhance the city's appeal to investors as a business location and as a place to live, and facilitate property management. Real Estate in New York offers the most opportunities for business owners, and investors.

Taxpayers for an Affordable New York
The Taxpayers for an Affordable New York is as an "umbrella" organization to unite and serve the interests of New York property owners on issues concerning the costs of government.

Brokers Serve through Real Estate Board of New York
Real Estate Brokers should honor the Board's Code of Ethics. The Code, which applies to all Board members, clarifies licensees' responsibilities to their colleagues and to the public. We are expected to adhere to these resolutions and its recommendations are intended as standards we strive to meet. Hart of New York Real Estate will always conduct itself in a professional and honest manner.

We also service existing New York City office space tenants by negotiating renewal of commercial real estate office space leases with New York landlords.  Hart of New York Real Estate is a proud member of the Real Estate Board of New York.                                


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